The Small Common Sense Of Maintenance Of UV Printer Print Head-one

- Sep 11, 2017-

To solve the problem that the print head is clogged during the use of the printer ,mainly to "prevention." Every day to do some appropriate and effective routine maintenance, will greatly reduce the possibility of the print head clogging, to maintain the best working condition of the print head. The following describes what should pay attention to:

1The faucet of UV print head can not touch, to prevent oxidation.

2During installation, the print head socket must be aligned, not hard plug, such as pinhole plug touch is not good, the print head can not work properly.

3The ink, cleaning fluid and so on can not enter into the print head , The contaminated outlet can be washed with alcohol.

4When the print head is using, must maintain a good cooling environment, otherwise the print head circuit is easy to damage .

5The static severely damage the circuit of the print head, in the operation of the print head or touch print head plug, the operator must eliminate static factors.

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