The Reasons And Solutions Of UV Printer Nozzle Can Not Print The Color

- Jul 03, 2017-

In the daily use of UV printers, Usually, there is always a problem with UV printers because there is no good job of checking and maintaining work. Today, DACEN to tell you how to solve the UV printer nozzle can not print the color.




1. If you replace a new cartridge, check that whether the seal of the cartridge has been torn off. In the case of no tear, the nozzle can not print the color.

2. Check that whether the UV printer's ink is running out.

3. may be nozzle was clogged, wash the nozzle 1-2 times with a professional cleaning fluid.

The above methods can not solve the problem, then we have to consider whether the motherboard ink control system is broken, if you have determined it damaged, replace an ink control system can be. If not, you have to contact the manufacturers in time for after-sales service.


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