The Differences Between Thermal Transfer And UV Flatbed Printing

- Jul 26, 2017-

UV flatbed printer is more convenient than the thermal transfer printer , UV printer is essentially a copy machine, is to copy the various formats on the computer to a variety of materials, without plate, you can freely modify the size, adjust the color, Less people and fast speed.


The main differences:

1, The ink used is different : thermal transfer ink, also known as sublimation ink. The UV flatbed printer's ink are UV ink, fuel ink and pigment ink.

2, The process is different: thermal transfer is to print the pattern on paper, and then transfer, relatively more complex. UV flatbed printer is to directly print on the material, and then heating to cure, relatively fast.


3,The features are different : thermal transfer needs rich work experience for many years . UV flatbed printer use computer to do operation, can master fast.


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