Precautions For Operation Of Cylindrical Printer

- Jan 22, 2021-

  The operation of the cylindrical printer is not difficult,but the operation still requires simple training.Dacen generally teaches the operation of the cylindrical printer one to one.This article will talk about the precautions for the operation of the cylindrical printer.

  Cylinder printer operation precautions

  1.Before operating the cylindrical UV printer

  (1)Check the size,thickness and type of the printed material first,and then adjust the cylinder UV printer fixture.

  (2)Before operation,first check whether there is any sundries on each part of the cylindrical UV printer,and then turn it on after confirming that it is correct to avoid replacing sundries into the machine,causing damage to the cylindrical printer.

cylinder UV printer

  2.When operating a cylindrical UV printer

  (1)When turning on the lights,turn on the lights in sequence,with an interval of about 1 minute between each light,and do not turn on at the same time.

  (2)The lamp cannot be put into production immediately after turning on the lamp.There must be a period of lamp preheating time.When the temperature is high in summer,the preheating time is short;when the temperature is low in winter,the preheating time is longer,and the preheating time should be about 2-3 minutes.If the UV machine has a strong and weak light device,the lamp should be turned on in the strong light position,which can shorten the lamp preheating time.If low light is required during production,it can be adjusted to the low light position after the preheating is completed.

  3.After operating the cylindrical UV printer

  Shut down and clean the cylindrical UV printer table.

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