Polaris Print Head Introduction

- Aug 12, 2017-

The US Polaris Print head is a hyperspectral PQ-512/15, an extensive rendering function inkjet printheads, industrial and commercial print scale with resolutions up to 1000dpi.

Polaris PQ 512 / 15PL print width is 64.77mm, ink drop size is 15pl, the maximum resolution is 1000dpi, dot frequency up to 45KHZ, new print head in 2009, all-round ink, double color double row.

Features of the Polaris Print head: 15PL Nominal ink droplets size 512 independent nozzles VersaDrop ™ binary eruption for excellent channel-to-channel homogeneity High frequency continuous operation, Longer integral device with baffle and fine function can be equipped for single and two-color operation difficult to achieve high viscosity fluid eruptions optimized built-in heater and temperature sensor working to 60 ° C [140 ° F] No special things needed to simplify on-site repair Legendary reliability and functional foundation.


Polaris PQ 512 / 15PL  dot frequency up to 40KHZ

Polaris PQ 512 / 35PL  dot frequency up to 30KHZ

Polaris PQ 512 / 85PL  dot frequency up to 20KHZ


Inspira Series: Print Width is 64.8mm

Galaxy PH 256 / 30HM  Nozzle diameter is 42um  Dot frequency is 20KHZ

Galaxy PH 256 / 80HM  Nozzle diameter is 52um  Dot frequency is 12KHZ


Endura Series: Print Width 64.5mm

SE DPN         Nozzle diameter: 35um  Dot frequency: 40KHZ

SX3 128 / 35PL  Nozzle diameter: 27um  Dot frequency: 10KHZ

SE3 128 / 35PL  Nozzle diameter: 42um  Dot frequency: 15KHZ

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