How About The Mobile Phone Case UV Printer?

- Feb 25, 2021-

  How about UV printer for mobile phone case? The advantage of UV flatbed printer also comes from the machine can meet the individual needs of users. As long as you make the effect you want in the drawing software, the uv flatbed printer can print it, whether it is 3D or varnish relief effect, without plate making, Once formed, hit and dry, restore the ultra-fine picture. The mobile phone case UV printer can customize the screen of the mobile phone case, so it is favored.

   One. How about the mobile phone case UV printer?

   1. Simple operation, no plate making

   Mobile phone case UV printer is very simple to operate, no need to make a plate, just print.

UV printer

   2. High efficiency and low cost.

  Traditional printing presses have a long cycle time from plate making to printing to finished product delivery, which greatly slows down production efficiency and increases costs. The uv flatbed printer does not require plate making, with fast printing speed, high accuracy, and short work cycle. It can print more than 500 copies in one hour, which improves efficiency and guarantees accuracy, which truly realizes rapid mass production.

   3. Green and environmental protection.

   Now the country advocates green and environmental protection. UV flatbed printers do not need water in the printing process. It is computer-controlled and inkjet on demand. There is no waste water pollution, no noise, and it is truly environmentally friendly.

   Two. UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

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