Is The Cylinder Printer Safe?

- Jan 20, 2021-

  Environmental protection and safety are now a lot of people's concerns. So, is the cylindrical printer safe?

   One. Is the cylindrical printer safe?

  1. Cylinder UV printer will spray and dry

  Cylinder UV printer is dried by UV lamp, that is, spray and dry. It will not stick to hands or clothes during operation.

cylinder UV printer

   2. The cylindrical printer does not emit pollutants

   The piezoelectric inkjet printing system of the cylindrical UV printer can ensure on-demand printing. There is no problem in printing a sample or batch printing, and will not produce a lot of waste ink. It will only be discharged when the ink is pressed to protect the nozzle during the printing process. Ink, there is generally no 1L of waste ink during normal production for one month. The ink itself meets environmental protection requirements and will not have an impact on the environment. Unlike the screen printing process, there will be a large amount of waste and waste liquid discharged and contain Chemical components harmful to the human body.

  3. The smell of the cylindrical UV printer is not big, but there is still some smell

  Cylinder UV printer uses a nozzle to spray UV ink on the surface of the substrate. The UV ink does not contain volatile organic compounds. It can pass the national environmental protection test and has less pollution than traditional printing dyes. UV ink manufacturers have to pass MSDS certification, if there is a need for friends, you can ask the company to provide environmental monitoring reports. In actual production, if you get close to the cylindrical UV printer, you can still smell a little ink odor. This is the ink in the nozzle that has not been dried by the UV lamp. If the operator feels uncomfortable, he needs to wear a mask. The scent of the ink can only be smelled when the printed pattern is placed on the nose. These odors will gradually dissipate within 24 hours and will not pollute the environment. In order to avoid unpredictable situations, it is recommended that pregnant women do not operate the cylindrical UV printer.

   Two. Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

   The above is the entire content of "Is the cylindrical printer safe?", I hope to help you, if you have a cylindrical UV printer, a vacuum flask printer, a bottle printer, please call Dacen.

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