​Is The Ceramic Tile UV Flatbed Printer Suitable For Investment?

- Oct 29, 2020-

1. The ceramic tile UV flatbed printer has rich colors, clear and vivid images, and good results

    It is very difficult for traditional screen printing to print more than 10 colors. UV printers can print rich colors. Whether it is full-color pattern or gradient color printing, it is easy to achieve color photo-level effects. Expanded the design space of the product and improved the product grade. The printing pattern is fine, the level is rich and clear, the artistry is high, the three-dimensional feeling is strong, and it can print photography and painting style patterns.

2. ceramic tile UV flatbed printer can print relief

    UV printers use white ink to print images with embossed effects, making the color printed patterns come alive, and giving designers more room to play. More importantly, the printing process is not troublesome at all. Just like a household printer, it takes one shape. Just hit and do it is unmatched by ordinary production technology.

3. ceramic tile UV flatbed printers have low printing costs and are very suitable for investment in printing business

    UV flatbed printers, we all know that there is no need to make screens, there is no cost for making screens, which reduces time and materials for printing, and reduces labor costs. So labor costs and raw material costs have been reduced a lot. At the same time, the printing cost of the UV flatbed printer itself is also very low, and the average full-format material only costs 5 yuan per square meter.

4. The ceramic tile UV flatbed printer has fast printing speed, clear and efficient, and is a good helper for entrepreneurship

    The UV flatbed printer uses Japan Ricoh's original all-steel industrial-grade nozzles, which have good accuracy, speed, durability and stability! The characteristics of long life, the color gamut extends to 8 colors, the color reproduction is impeccable, and the nozzle calibration is easier, with To optimize printing performance and speed. After continuous testing by Dacheng Guangchi, the UV flatbed printer can print 40 square meters per hour. How about it? Is it fast?

5. The ceramic tile UV flatbed printer is environmentally friendly, reduces pollution, and meets the requirements of new energy

    No water, no sewage, the UV flatbed printer is controlled by a computer, inkjet on demand, no waste, no waste water pollution, no noise during the printing process. Realize the green production process.


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