Introduction Of UV Flatbed Printer Nozzle

- Feb 20, 2021-

  UV flatbed printers require different nozzles because of different accuracy and speed requirements.Different nozzles have different prices and different service life.This article will talk about UV flatbed printer nozzles.

  1.UV flatbed printer nozzle

  The nozzle is the main core component of the uv flatbed printer,and it is also the main factor that determines the price of the machine.The effect,printing speed,and service life of different uv flatbed printers with different nozzles are different,and the price is also very different.The main nozzles used in current uv flatbed printers are:Ricoh nozzles(50%),Epson nozzles(15%),Konica nozzles(12%),Toshiba nozzles(10%),Seiko nozzles(About 8%),Kyocera nozzles(about 2%)and others.In the industry,according to the name of the nozzle,it is also called:Ricoh uv flatbed printer,Epson uv printer,Seiko uv flatbed printer,Toshiba flatbed printer,etc.Different print heads will have more targeted product applications.Regarding which print head to choose when buying a uv flatbed printer,you can directly call Dacen sales phone for consultation.

UV flatbed printer

  2.UV printer features

  Uv flatbed printer is a new type of printing equipment in the past ten years,without material restrictions,it can print any pattern and color scheme directly on any flat or cylindrical product.The printing cost is low,less than 5 yuan,and the operation is simple,generally one or two people can complete it,and the environmental protection will not cause environmental pollution.It is a product of an inevitable trend in the future,and applications in different industries may be called differently,such as:mobile phone case printers,ceramic tile uv printers,etc.,no matter how they are called this machine.

  3.UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

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