Inkjet Printer Is Easy To Block Small Knowledge Maintenance(二)

- Jun 25, 2018-

mproper use of ink or long shelf life. Of course, the use of poor quality ink will also cause nozzle blockage, affect printing quality, and even lead to the entire nozzle scrap. Although the manufacturing process of the nozzle is fine, its structure is not complicated. The surface that is directly contacted with the printing medium is not satisfied with many tiny circular holes. The nozzle is connected to the nozzle insertAnd then there is to do the maintenance of UV inkjet printer and print head well. The nozzle is most easily clogged because of printing time is too long , ied in the cylinder. From nozzle to nozzle and jet hole, ink powder or impurities are usually maintained by adhesion. As long as powder and impurities are removed, the nozzle can resume normal printing function.

For a long time to stop using the painting machine (such as National Day holidays), it is best to clean the liquid cleaning fluid after the entire UV painting machine, so as to avoid clogging. Most of the abandoned print heads are blocked by the water holes and can not work. They can only restore their printing function by simple cleaning.

In the printing process, the machine often carries out ink printing or cleaning holes, but the printing effect is poor or the nozzle is seriously blocked, the machine can not inink, otherwise the UV printercan not be cleaned by hand. Although the manual cleaning method is not complicated, the frequency of cleaning should not be too frequent, because the sprinkler is needed. The manual cleaning method is to use syringe and a set of tools, such as rubber hose, cleaning fluid, ten times magnifying glass, rigid plastic knives, etc. When the nozzle is removed, use the magnifying glass to find the nozzle carefully and then use the A hole to pour the rinse fluid into the hole. Syringes and rigid plastic knives can be used to scrape residues at the edges of holes, if necessary. The electrode is not contaminated when it is used.

In case of nozzle blockage, please contact factory technician promptly.

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