How To Save UV Printer Ink?

- Mar 20, 2021-

  How to save UV printer ink?UV flatbed printer ink is still quite expensive,and the correct daily maintenance can save UV printer ink.

  One.How to save UV printer ink?

  1.After filling the ink cartridges of the uv flatbed printer with black ink,let the flatbed printer ink cartridges sit for more than ten minutes,so that the black ink can gradually penetrate into every corner of the cotton pad to ensure the print quality;

  2.When filling black ink into the ink cartridge of UV flatbed printer,it should be appropriate;

  3.Choose printing ink and black ink for filling as much as possible;

  4.Ensure that the refilled printer cartridges of the uv flatbed printer are intact;

  5.High-quality black ink should be used for filling as much as possible;

  6.Before refilling the black ink,the original UV printer cartridges should be cleaned and tidy.Otherwise,two different black inks will interact with each other and cause chemical changes,leading to common failures such as blocking.It cannot be cleaned with the built-in uv flatbed printer's program flow to clean the printer cartridges.This kind of actual operation is not only time-consuming,but also not clean enough.The proper operation steps are:before refilling,use an injection needle to introduce pure cold water into the printer cartridges,as far as possible without letting the water overflow,and then firmly hold all the printer cartridges,and make the ink refill hole upward,and slowly shake it twice.Down,so that the remaining black ink is sufficiently melted in the added cold water.

  Two.Summary of Dacen,a manufacturer of UV flatbed printers

  The above is the content of"How to save UV printer ink?",if the UV flatbed printer ink cartridge and the uv flatbed printer print nozzle are integrated,then when adding ink to the ink cartridge,pay attention to maintaining the nozzle on the printer ink cartridge not to be injured.Otherwise,once the print head is blocked or damaged,the printer cartridge cannot be used continuously.In addition,because the printer ink cartridges are often used in the process,the nozzles will be blocked by the splashed paper-type chemical fibers,which will cause the actual output of the nozzles to be worse.Therefore,it is also necessary to clean the nozzles on time.When cleaning the nozzle,you should use wet tissue paper and lint-free toilet paper to gently clean the edge of the nozzle as much as possible,instead of cleaning the nozzle when the nozzle is blocked.The content of this article hopes to help you.

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