How To Judge The Printing Effect Of Cylinder Printer?

- Feb 01, 2021-

  The use of cylindrical printers is mainly used to print vacuum flasks,cosmetic bottles,cups,etc.Most of them care about the printing speed and printing effect of cylindrical printers.This article will talk about how to judge the printing effect of cylindrical printers?

  One.How to judge the printing effect of cylinder printer?

  1.Detecting precision printing characteristics

  Regardless of the types of cylindrical printers tested,printing precision immediately jeopardizes the quality of the picture,which is also a basic condition.The way to check the printing precision is:print the 3 size character with PS on the full-page A4 paper.The print is clear,and the product is qualified if there is no overlap or blur.If there is a double image,it indicates that the vibration of the uv flatbed printer is too large during the whole printing process.It is caused by the unscientific overall design,so that the power of the printing engine cannot be released with excellent dissolution.

  2.Detection of repeated printing characteristics

  The bosses who do packaging and printing production and processing understand that arranging is important in mass production.Repeated printing of the part cover is prohibited,and the failure rate will increase.At this time,it is very important to choose a cylindrical UV printer with stable characteristics.The method is:print the tic-tac-toe,print it 10 times repeatedly,and look at it with a 40-fold magnifying glass.If it overlaps,the equipment meets the standard.Or immediately use silk screen ink to detect the register position.Print the dark blue circle first,and then print the bright red on the dark blue.Use a 40 times magnifying glass to see.If the dark blue is not visible,it indicates the high precision of the equipment.

  3.The stability and color richness of the cylindrical UV printer screen

  Look at the resolution stability of the cylindrical UV printer.Everyone knows that human eyes distinguish 500 million colors.The more colorful the color,the more natural it looks.Naturally,this is also related to the quality of ink.

  Two.Summary of the cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen

  Before purchasing the cylindrical printer,you can go to the site to make a sample to see the strength of the factory and the proofing effect,and the printing speed of the cylindrical printer.

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