How To Buy UV Flatbed Printer?

- Mar 20, 2021-

  Many people want to buy UV printers.This article will talk about how to buy UV flatbed printers?

  One.How to buy a UV flatbed printer?

  1.Determine your actual needs

  What product do you want to print,what effect you want to achieve,and how big the print size is.In this way,you can choose a UV printer that suits you and determine the nozzle of the UV printer.

  2.UV printer price

  In any case,the price of UV printers is an important factor.After a good two or more manufacturers are given,most customers compare prices.Which one of the advantages to choose is actually incorrect.of.Why do I say that the purchase price is not a factor in it?If the manufacturer's strength,so the comparison is the performance of the machine itself,because if the manufacturer's strength is almost the machine,this is more after-sales service.Price can only be used to measure products,but not to measure services.A good factory service will bring you invisible wealth in the previous stage and later stage.

  3.On-site inspection of UV printer manufacturers

  has determined that it is possible to print,and do the processing by yourself,you can choose the UV printer factory for on-site inspection.Choosing a manufacturer is a very critical step,not a distributor,agent,or newly established manufacturer.Why not choose these?Agents and distributors are unable to give a real price,especially in direct comparison with manufacturers.Newly established small manufacturers or manufacturers with core technologies within 4 years are not mature enough.Before this,there should be a general understanding.Determine the factory,visit the strength and scale of the factory,make the bottom of the heart directly,and where are their respective advantages.

  4.After-sales service

  Whether to sign a formal contract,the after-sales service regulations are specified in the contract and implemented in accordance with the service regulations.After all,UV printers are still relatively technical products.If there is a problem,it will affect the production and delivery time.Timely after-sales service is very important.

  Two.Summary of Dacen,a manufacturer of UV flatbed printers

  To sum up,if the scale of a factory is not very large,tell me where I am,the office,80%is a lie,and the size of the factory itself will not be obtained,how to get the office.How much strength and technical skills can be clearly seen in UV printer research and proofing can also be inferred from the time of other manufacturers in the industry.

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