How Does UV Flatbed Printer Print Good Image Quality?

- Feb 17, 2021-

  How does UV flatbed printer print good image quality?The printing effect is affected by the printing pictures,nozzles and operators.

  1.How does UV flatbed printer print good image quality?

  First of all,we can lay a layer of paper before printing and punch the pattern on the paper to make a positioning so that it can be convenient for ourselves to fix the position when printing.

  The second is the color difference.The color difference of UV printers is mainly that the color displayed on the computer is not the same as the printed color.Here we can make a color bar for the color we want to sort out the number of colors we want.In this way,we can easily produce the results we want without having to re-adjust the colors every time and the troubles caused by color difference.

  Moreover,the height of each product is different,so the height to be adjusted is also different.Then we can put the product in position before printing,and then adjust the height to a position that exceeds the item enough,and then move the nozzle to Lower the top of the product little by little until you determine the position you want.

Packing box UV printer

  The operator’s understanding of the material will also affect the printing effect of the UV printer.The UV ink itself will react with the printing material,the percentage of penetration,and the degree of penetration of different materials are different,so the operator's familiarity with the printing material will affect the printing effect.

  2.UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  Some materials printed by UV printers need to be equipped with coatings to print patterns on the surface of the materials.The treatment of the coating is very important.The coating must be uniform and the color will be uniform;secondly,it is necessary to choose the right coating and not mix.The content of this article hopes to help you.

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