How Does UV Flatbed Printer Perform Glass UV Custom Processing?

- Jan 18, 2021-

  Glass can be customized by UV processing,and the effect of customized UV processing is very good.This article will talk about how UV flatbed printers perform customized glass UV processing?

  One.How does the UV flatbed printer perform glass UV custom processing?

  1.Use UV printer coating

  UV flatbed printers need to use coatings for glass UV custom processing.If there is no coating,the color may fade.

  2.Use matching ink

  Outdated ink quality and poor quality can also lead to poor adhesion.The wrong ink is used,not only the printing effect is not good,but the adhesion is not good,and it may even affect the life of the UV printer nozzle.

  3.This will happen if the power of the led lamp is too low.

  Two,UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  This article is the whole content of"How does UV flatbed printer perform glass UV customized processing?"UV printers are widely used in:decorative glass industry,home building materials industry,advertising industry,ceramic tile decoration industry,crafts processing customization,etc.,if required,Welcome to inquire Dacen.

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