How Does The Cylinder Printer Perform Color Control?

- Mar 06, 2021-

  How does the cylinder printer perform color control? According to the insiders, it is to make curves. Some customers have strict color requirements. At this time, the color adjustment function may be used. According to the principle of color change mentioned above, if you want to achieve good printing results, you must be strict. Control the ink selected by the cylindrical UV printer. If the ink is not up to the standard and the water content is too high, the ink will faint easily, and the ink droplets will be difficult to control, and the color depth cannot be controlled correctly. If the color depth is mixed, the printing effect will not have a sense of hierarchy. , The color gloss is not enough.

cylinder UV printer

   One. How does the cylinder printer perform color control?

   1. The air humidity in the working environment should be kept moderate, because the cylindrical UV printer is very taboo for water before or after printing. If the air humidity is too humid, the printing material will be damp, resulting in unsatisfactory printing results. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the air humidity moderate, that is, to compensate for the moisture lost in the ink due to heat, and to ensure that the printing material is not damp, and the printing work goes on smoothly.

   2. We need to know why cylindrical UV printers can choose multiple printing modes and print multiple colors at one time, instead of traditional printing that requires color registration? That's because the current cylindrical UV printers on the market use multi-color control technology, so most of them can control 8 colors and have a wide color area. Multi-color control technology can adjust each color according to the depth of 1 to 9 color changes through the control of the ink drop density, so it can cope with various color printing, and can be whitened and varnished to make the color brighter. Take it to the next level, and be expressive and layered.

   Two. Summary of Cylinder Printer Manufacturer Dacen

  How does the cylinder printer perform color control? If the requirements are strict, this is a toning process and needs to be adjusted slowly. If you don't understand, please contact the technical staff of the cylinder printer at any time.

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