How Does The Bottle Printer Clean The Nozzle And Draw Ink?

- Mar 24, 2021-

  Bottle How does the printer clean the nozzle and draw ink?The maintenance of nozzles is more cleaning and ink extraction.

  One.How does the bottle printer clean the nozzle and draw ink?

  1.When the nozzle of the bottle UV printer is disconnected,the cleaning and ink extraction operations have the same effect,both of which suck the ink out of the nozzle.However,due to the difference in ink fluidity,the actual effect achieved is different.

  2.When the ink fluidity is good,cleaning and pumping the nozzles of the bottle printer with broken lines can achieve the effect of solving the problem.

  3.When the ink fluidity is not good or the nozzle is clogged but not serious,between cleaning and ink suction operation,selecting ink suction operation can quickly solve the problem of nozzle disconnection,but cleaning cannot.Because when cleaning the nozzle of the bottle UV printer,the nozzle will have a jetting process to eject all the ink in the nozzle.Although the nozzle cleaning is completed,there is no ink in the nozzle and the ink fluidity is not good.Failure to replenish the nozzle in time will cause the ink ejected by the nozzle to still be disconnected.

  Two,the bottle printer manufacturer Dacen concludes

  Generally,if there is a disconnection problem during the use of the bottle UV printer,you may have to clean the nozzle or draw ink.This article is about"How to clean the nozzle and draw ink of the bottle printer?"I hope to help you.

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