How About The Embossing Effect Of The Bottle Printer?

- Feb 25, 2021-

  How about the embossing effect of the bottle printer?Dacen's bottle printer prints a one-piece embossed color printing varnish,with good effect and strong three-dimensional impression.

  One.How about the embossing effect of the bottle printer?

  1.The original meaning of relief is a kind of sculpture in which concave and convex images are carved on a plane.It is an art form between sculpture and painting.The spatial structure of the relief can be a three-dimensional three-dimensional form or a flat form.It can be connected to a carrier and can exist relatively independently.

bottle printer

  2.The relief effect of the bottle UV printer is only part of the relief.It can print patterns,shapes and colors to provide people with three-dimensional visual effects.If you touch it,you will feel bumps up and down.

  3.In addition to selecting patterns and processing output,another important part is uneven handles.It is formed by the accumulation of white ink.According to the process requirements,the bottle UV printer can realize one layer,two layers,three layers or even multiple layers of white ink in the entire pattern,and then cover the top layer with colored ink to form a sense of relief.

  Two,the bottle UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  The bottle printer can print out the effect of embossing,and it can be done if it is uneven to the touch,mainly by printing out the effect of embossing through white ink accumulation.Now the bottle printer can not only print out the effect of embossment,but also directly print out the effect of varnish,that is to say,it can print out the embossed color printing varnish in one,with good effect and strong three-dimensional effect.In general,bottle UV printers can print embossed effects,but if you want to use them for a long time,it is not recommended to use bottle UV printers because the cost of ink will be higher.

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