Cylindrical Printer Increases The Service Life Of Nozzles

- Jan 28, 2021-

  Different cylindrical printers use different nozzles and have different service life.Generally speaking,industrial nozzles have a longer service life.This article will talk about cylindrical printers to increase the service life of the nozzles.

  One.The cylinder printer increases the service life of the nozzle

  1.The use and proper application of uv ink

  The service life of the cylindrical UV printer nozzle has a very large relationship with the ink.For example,the application of unqualified ink will harm the actual effect of printing and block the nozzle.The color saturation and composition of the ink are different,which not only harms the nozzle of the outdoor photo machine The actual effect of inkjet printer copying,in addition,there is a lot of risk of head clogging.It is a very low quality and fake ink.Customers must properly identify them.It is not worth the loss to choose cheap and inferior inks.Use equipment manufacturers inks to maintain the nozzles and ensure a stronger print and copy image.The actual effect of the interface.

cylinder UV printer

  2.Appropriate application of the cleaning liquid for the nozzle of the cylindrical UV printer

  In the actual operation of nozzle cleaning,in many cases,everyone applies cleaning fluid,very oil-soluble ink cylindrical UV printer nozzle maintenance,the application of cleaning fluid is very common,but pay attention to the appropriate application Cleaning fluid;poor quality cleaning fluid will also erode the nozzle and cause damage to the nozzle,especially in the actual operation of nozzle cleaning and foaming,although the long-term infiltration of the cleaning fluid into the nozzle can more reasonably eliminate the dirt,but if If the soaking time is too long,there will be damage to the nozzle nozzles.

  3.Do a good job in the antistatic maintenance of the nozzle

  Cylindrical UV printer nozzles belong to precision-processed electronic equipment,and are very vulnerable to electrostatic induction,especially in the cold and dry natural environment.The antistatic maintenance of cylindrical UV printers is very important.The UV printer is connected to the wire connector to carry out anti-static maintenance;in addition,the cylinder UV printer is very harmful to electrostatic induction,so you should not directly touch the nozzle with force.Wear protective gloves when maintaining the nozzle,and always check the grounding wire.Connection status,appropriate to sprinkle a little salt water around the grounding wire on time;for ordinary nozzle maintenance work,such as when removing the nozzle,remember to turn off the switching power supply,and do not induce the actual operation of the power supply.Install and disassemble the power supply circuit of the outdoor photo machine casually under the condition of switching and disconnecting the main switching power supply.This kind of personal behavior will endanger the service life of the system structure,especially the piezoelectric nozzle.

  Two.Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

  A good cylindrical UV printer needs a longer service life,which is very important for the application and maintenance of the nozzle.After all,the price of a sprinkler is quite a lot,and the maintenance is good,which is to save production costs.

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