Cylinder Printer's Working Environment Requirements For Glass Processing

- Jan 26, 2021-

   When the glass cylinder is UV processed, there will be some requirements for the environment. We know that the glass itself is relatively transparent, and the printed image is generally larger. If it is in a dusty environment, the printing effect may not be ideal.

   One. The working environment requirements of cylindrical printers for glass processing

   1. If there is dust in the air, simply accumulate on the surface of the raw materials. When printing on a cylindrical UV printer, the pattern may be white and other colors may be leaked;


  2. If the humidity in the air is too heavy, it will cause moisture on the surface of the material, and the cylinder printer ink will not simply dry after printing;

  3. It is recommended to use a backlit, dust-free working environment, which is also a good maintenance for the cylindrical printer nozzle.

   Two. Summary of cylinder UV printer manufacturer DACEN

        The above is the entire content of "Cylinder printer's working environment requirements for glass processing". I hope to help you. There is also a reminder that when printing on a glass cylinder UV printer, you must first wipe the glass surface clean. The content of this article The content hopes to help you.

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