Clean The Reflector Of UV Lamp Of UV Printers

- Oct 24, 2017-

Clean the reflector of UV lamp of UV printers

     The reflector located in the inside of the UV lamp case can concentrate 80% of the UV light onto the printing materials.if some paper powder or dust adsorb on the surface of the reflector.which will affect the ultraviolet’s reflecting effect as well.thus,to keep the best ultraviolet effect,cleaning the reflector is a essential and regular job.this job can be carried on at the same time with cleaning the UV lamp,namely, adopting clean and soft absolute ethyl alcohol to wipe the reflector.when cleaning,we had better close the reflector manually to check whether its closed status is good enough.if it is necessary, we also should inspect reflector’s whole status.genarally,most of closing devices adopt pheumatic element,which can be inspected by a electronic eyes or addition,we also need to examine the light-emitting board’s reflecting effect.we should change the board once we find that it appears gray and unsmooth phenomenon.Besides,the purity amount of pigment the color printing arrayprinting speed and so on can have effect on the ink curing quality.

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