Carton Gift Box UV Printer

- Mar 04, 2021-

  Carton gift box UV printers are very common,because most of the gift boxes are to be customized,especially during festivals or major company events.The gifts are basically customized for the company’s LOGO and some promotional pages.

  One,paper box gift box UV printer

  1.The height of the box that can be printed by a standard uv flatbed printer is within 8 cm;

  2.For the printing of packaging boxes over 8 cm,a modified uv flatbed printer is required.

  Two.Gift box UV printer manufacturer Dacen Warmly remind you

  Generally,the UV flatbed printer can only print 10cm.If the packaging box you print exceeds 10cm,it needs to be heightened.That is,before ordering the UV printer,you must communicate with the manufacturer how high the printer may be in the future.,More than the height needs to be customized,so as not to buy the unsuitable ones,it will be more troublesome.

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