Can UV Flatbed Printers Produce White Color Varnish At The Same Time?

- Feb 02, 2021-

  Some customers need the varnish effect when they are doing UV custom processing.This article will talk about the UV flatbed printer can produce white varnish at the same time?Answer the question first,it is possible to produce the white color varnish at the same time,saving production time.

  One.Can UV flatbed printers produce white varnish at the same time?

  1.UV flatbed printers generally have four basic colors of C blue M red Y yellow K black and white background color,the combination of which prints dazzling full-color images.UV flatbed printer printing methods are divided into white color light front printing and mirror printing.


  2.The white color light upgrade and heightening configuration of UV flatbed printer means that the configuration of light blue,light red,varnish and white ink can be added according to the needs.The machine configuration is flexible.The UV flatbed printer upgrade only needs to install the nozzle and board card.No need to purchase another UV flatbed printer.Let me illustrate with an example.

  For example,what you bought back is a blue,red,yellow and black four-color UV flatbed printer with a white background,and the printing colors are full-color images.The white color light upgrade is generally divided into the following situations:

  A.If you want to add multiple varnish configurations to the UV flatbed printer due to business needs in the future,you only need to install a varnish printing nozzle on the machine.

  B.If your subsequent output increases and you feel that a set of four-color printing speed is too slow,you can double the printing speed by installing a set of nozzles on the UV flatbed printer.

  C.If you are making plutonium paintings,wall coverings,wallpapers,etc.,and you want a stronger three-dimensional effect and a more concavo-convex effect,you can do it by adding a white and a varnish nozzle to the UV flatbed printer.

  Two,UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

  This article is about"Can UV flatbed printers produce white varnish at the same time?"I hope to help you.

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