Application Of Wood UV Flatbed Printer

- Jan 08, 2021-

   Now many wood manufacturers may need to go to UV flatbed printers for processing and customization, and print out the pictures customers want.

   One. Application of wood UV flatbed printer

   1. The UV flatbed printer prints various patterns of different colors and shapes on the wooden boards, which meets the needs of people's personalized decoration. The emergence of UV flatbed printers surpasses traditional manual printing technology, efficiently prints exquisite patterns, is intelligent and easy to operate, and is a cost-effective machine that enriches entrepreneurs.

   2. There are more products made of wood materials, and the scope of application is wider, and compared with metal glass crystal materials, processing steps can be omitted.

  3. We all know that LED lamp UV printers can print white ink, plus CMYK, Lc, Lm colors, LED lamp UV printers can print favorite colors on any color substrate. Moreover, the color simplicity of the LED lamp UV printing process is very high, which is beyond the reach of the traditional printing process.

   4. LED lamp UV printing process has low heat rate and low temperature, and the lamp surface temperature is only about 60 degrees. why is it like this? Connected to the UV-LED light of UV printer, it will not damage the wood material or make it wrinkle due to high temperature. Therefore, the defective rate printed by the LED lamp UV printer is very low, which can effectively save the material cost and time cost.

  5.uv flatbed printer does not need to make a plate, and it professionally prints acrylic patterns, with bright colors, vivid and delicate patterns, and low cost to create a way to become rich with personalized printing.

   Two, UV printer manufacturer Dacen summary

   The above is the entire content of "Application of Wood UV Flatbed Printer". I hope to help you. Dacen provides professional UV printers from equipment research and development, production, sales and after-sales service. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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