Application Of UV Flatbed Printer In Building Materials Industry

- Mar 04, 2021-

  The application of UV flatbed printers in the building materials industry.UV printers have been widely used in the building materials industry.They are mainly customized and can be turned on with one piece.

  One,the application of UV flatbed printers in the building materials industry

  1.Floor tiles.

  Imitation wood grain floor tiles are also more popular.Usually the patterns of floor tiles are natural or formed by firing.Both of these production processes are costly,and there is no personalized customization.There are only mass production of various patterns and samples to be sold in the market,which one can sell If it's better,produce more,so it's easy to fall into a passive situation.The UV flatbed printer solves this problem.DIY customization is very simple.The color of the printed floor tiles is almost the same as the appearance of the solid wood floor tiles.

  2.Glass sliding door.

  Glass sliding door is also a big investment direction.According to statistics,China is a country in the sliding door market,and there is still about 70%of the demand for the sliding door market.Glass sliding doors are generally used in places such as study rooms,living rooms,bedrooms,aluminum alloy doors and windows.The glass sliding door universal printer can print ordinary flat glass,plexiglass,frosted glass and other types.The color and pattern can be designed freely.There is indeed a big market in the sliding door market,which is also the direction for everyone to pursue individual development.

  3.Tile background wall.

  The TV background wall is the strong point of UV flatbed printers.It can not only print out photo-quality patterns,but also print out various effects such as bumps,3D,and embossments.It instantly adds value to a common tile!And it uses UV ink to print the background wall.,The color does not fade for a long time,moisture-proof,and usually can keep the color for 10 to 20 years.

  Two.Summary of Dacen,a manufacturer of UV flatbed printers

  The above is the content of"UV flatbed printer application in building materials industry",if you happen to need a UV printer,you can call Dacen to try.

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