Advantages Of Glass Cylinder Printer

- Mar 16, 2021-

  The advantages of glass cylinder printers are still many.Many cosmetic bottle manufacturers or cup manufacturers will need to use cylinder printers for customization.

  One.What are the advantages of the glass cylinder printer?

  1.The cylinder printer has bright colors,environmentally friendly,no odor,low curing energy consumption,and high curing strength;

cylinder printer

  2.The glass inkjet printer is simple to operate,efficient,and prints images quickly,meeting the needs of the market;

  3.The cylindrical printer image is waterproof,wear-resistant,and does not fade;

  4.The dual negative pressure system can provide a more stable negative pressure,and the ink supply is more stable;the glass inkjet printer can control the ink not to drip or flow back through the air pressure balance,and it can print with high precision and delicate symmetry.

  Two.Summary of the cylinder printer manufacturer Dacen

  The above is the content of"the advantages of glass cylinder printer",I hope to help you.

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