Advantages Of Dacen Bottle Printer

- Feb 03, 2021-

  In fact,there are not many manufacturers of cylindrical printers,there are only a few,and there are fewer truly powerful cylindrical UV printer manufacturers.Dacen is one of the few.Dacen has been in the cylindrical UV printer industry for more than 15 years.The building area alone is nearly 10,000 square meters.The entire Dacen has an independent industrial park and three buildings,which include the sales department,technical department,production department,R&D department,warehouse,after-sales department,and proofing department.

  One.Advantages of Dacen bottle printer

  1.Dacen has developed a variety of customized cylindrical UV printers,small ones with low price,large ones with fast printing speed,and multi-station automatic production,to meet your business needs for printing thermos,cosmetics,bottles,cups,etc.


  2.A wider range of printing materials,truly achieving multiple uses in one machine.Whether it is glass,ceramic,wood,plastic or stainless steel,the bottle printer can print.

  3.It supports direct printing of white ink on dark materials,and has cost accounting,ink adjustment according to the original color of the material,automatic color registration and other functions,which effectively reduce loss and save production costs.

  4.The speed of Dacen bottle printer is as fast as 10S/pc,and it can be produced continuously.

  Two.Summary of the cylindrical UV printer manufacturer Dacen

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