Wide application of Dacen uv printer-acrylic printing

- Sep 25, 2017-

Uv printer has a wide application such as printing on glass,wood ,metal,acrylic,etc..Today we discuss about printing on acrylic.

There are two kinds of acrylic,transparent and white.Printing on white,there no need to print white ink except printing embossing effect.This can save a lot of ink.And the transparent is called the organic glass,which can do the same effect as glass,such as the mirror effect.

uv printer acrylic (2).png

Printing on acrylic can be the background wall,internal decoration,advertising andd so on.With a wide application of printing on acrylic,we have many many customers use our uv printer to do their customized printings.High printing speed, high resolution,Dacen is the best choice!

uv flatbed printer.jpg

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