Why the print head of glass printers often occur clogging problems

- Aug 31, 2017-

Print head clogging refers to there is no ink in the print head, resulting in the printing pattern lack of color , is the main factor that affect the picture quality and yield .Why glass printer’s print head will be blocked? The main reasons are as follows:
1. Residual ink: glass printer jet ink is a volatile liquid, volatile in the air and curing. So with time goes by, the ink will dry in the air and the nozzle slowly become smaller or even plug, which requires frequent cleaning.

glass print.jpg.jpg

2. Inner filter: the filter itself is used to filter impurities in the ink to improve the purity of the ink. But because of long time use , it will cause a lot of deposits, resulting in nozzle clogging, it should be cleaned regularly.

glass printer.jpg.jpg

3. Ink viscosity: the viscosity of the ink will cause the nozzle can not work normally, because the printers from various manufacturers are not the same, the ink is not the same. If you need to replace the ink, be sure to contact the manufacturer to confirm whether it is feasible, otherwise it will cause clogging.


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