Why more and more people choose uv flatbed printer

- Oct 07, 2017-

1.Reduce work cycle and improve work efficiency:It takes at least a few days to design and print sample and then make into products according to the conventional printing method. But now the use of professional UV flatbed printer  processing, eliminating the complex links of steaming, washing, print and others, greatly reduces the process cycle, only takes one to two hours to complete, and it is very easy to operate,plays an important role in reducing labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

Printing machine for acrylic.jpg

2.The color effect is high quality and the image is more realistic:UV flatbed printing process, with a wealth of color matching,meet consumer demand for personalized, but also ensure that the color effect of finished products more abundant and three-dimensional effect stronger.

glass uv printer.jpg

3.Reduce pollution and realize green environmental protection:It is controlled by the computer ,automatically spray ink according to demand, neither waste ink nor waste water discharge, realize the green environmental protection printing process.

uv printer.jpg

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