What materials can UV flatbed printers print?

- Mar 11, 2021-

  What materials can UV flatbed printers print?UV flatbed printers can print many kinds of materials,so they are also called universal printers.This article will talk about what materials can be printed.

  One.What materials can UV flatbed printers print?

  1.UV flatbed printers have a wide range of printing materials,flexible media such as:timely stickers,PVC,reflective film,canvas,carpet,leather,etc.;rigid media such as:glass,ceramic tiles,metal,ceiling,aluminum,wood,door,acrylic,Plexiglass board,foam board,corrugated cardboard,etc.

  2.Color photo-level printing can be performed on T-shirts,sliding doors,cabinet doors,sliding doors,glass,plates,various signs,crystal,PVC,acrylic,metal,plastic,stone,leather and other surfaces.There is no need to make a plate and complete the printing at one time.The color is beautiful and rich,wear-resistant,simple and convenient to operate,the printing image speed is fast,and it meets the industrial printing standards.

  3.UV flatbed printer printing industry is also extensive:UV printers can be widely used in silk screen special printing industry,gift processing industry,signage industry,decoration industry,personalized printing industry and so on.Decoration,decoration industry,glass industry,furniture sliding door industry,sign industry,exhibition industry,rigid cardboard packaging industry,leather textile industry,etc.

  Two. UV flatbed printers manufacturer Dacen's Summary

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