What is the function of UV flatbed printer with varnish?

- Oct 22, 2020-

What is the function of UV flatbed printer with varnish?

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   The current UV printer itself can be filled with varnish, which is actually a transparent liquid, which is also called UV varnish. Its function is to spray or roll on the surface of the substrate, after being irradiated by the UV lamp, it will turn from liquid to solid, and then achieve surface hardening, its scratch and scratch resistance effect, and the surface looks bright, beautiful, and round texture , It is brighter than the matte effect without varnish printing. So varnish is actually two important functions of brightening and protecting the surface of the product. Generally, the varnish will look more beautiful.

   1. What is the effect of UV flatbed printer with varnish?

   1. Brightening effect

The varnish brightening has a very good effect, but it takes time to solidify. There are a lot of dust in the air that we can’t see. Therefore, when the UV printer prints large format (or full format), the surface of the printing varnish is more prone to dust particles. . There is no way to solve this, after all, dust in the air is everywhere. Of course, it is easier to control if you are printing a small area or partial varnish.

   2. Protective effect

   varnish is effective because of its characteristics, which can protect the pattern on the surface of the printed material. In fact, as long as you choose reliable UV ink for most materials, the color fastness after direct printing is very good. For some special materials, the effect of using coating to fix the color is also very good, unless external force is destroyed. But violent damage, varnish has no way to provide protection, after all, man-made damage is very serious, maybe the product itself is damaged.

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