what is a 3d metal printer used for?

- Aug 31, 2017-

    Printing picturesis to get a good life experience when we see the artware,if we just print it in a 2 dimensional way.why don’t we print it in a 3D way.maybe you think it must be very expensive.the truth is no,a 3D metal printer can solve the issue for you easily.which can print on metal in a 3D effect.making your signage or advertisement more beautiful and easy to be seen when it is show on the streets .

    This specical 3D metal printer installed with anti-collision system ensure you can operate it safely without worry whether the print head would collide the metal.with easy operation system,it is convinent for you operate and maintain in the future.in addition ,1year warranty for  the whole machine is provided.

                              metal printer、.jpg

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