UV printer does not recognize USB interface solution

- Sep 08, 2017-

UV flatbed printer enter into the market, with more and more users, everyone's response is UV flatbed printer is a great product. It can print pattern on a lot of materials, the effect of printed pattern is also very good. When we operate the machine, will inevitably encounter problems. For example, when a computer is connected to a UV flatbed printer, the prompt "does not recognize the USB device". What should we do at this time? The technical staff of DACEN summed up the following points:

1. Check if the USB cable is damaged, if it has been damaged, we replace the USB cable to test if it can solve the problem.

2. Analyze if because the USB front port power supply is insufficient, when we use the USB extension cable or connect the computer front USB port, may be because the front USB is not directly connected with the motherboard, the power supply is bad, so lead to the equipment can not be detected. At this point, we put the USB cable into the rear USB port.

3. Check if the driver is not installed on the computer or there is a problem with the installed driver. In this case, we only need to re-install the UV flatbed printer driver.

4. Analyze if the computer does not support USB2.0 performance, we replace the computer or motherboard to test.


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