UV flatbed printer used in toy industry

- Jan 18, 2021-

  UV flatbed printers are used in the toy industry.Many toys require different personalized customizations,such as toys,accessories,small crafts and other relatively small objects.Usually toys and other items are orderly filled with the entire toy UV printer platform.Then color or print the pattern on the toy at one time to achieve mass production.The printing speed of the standard version of Dacenuv flatbed printer is 15 square meters per hour.15 square meters means there are many toys in it.Of course,if there are higher requirements for output,Dacen can customize a higher configuration machine according to the needs.Dacen can customize toys according to customer requirements.

  One,UV flatbed printers are used in toy industry

  1.Improved production efficiency

  The toy industry has ushered in a new trend in the printing of personalized patterns.UV flatbed printers have been quickly accepted by toy manufacturers and become popular due to their many advantages.The uv flatbed printer uses piezoelectric inkjet precision technology,and the entire printing process is controlled by a computer intelligently,getting rid of traditional manual printing,saving manpower and time.UV flatbed printers have a wide range of applications.The reason why they are called flatbed printers is that they can print as long as they are flat materials.Common printing materials are:plastic,leather,ceramics,glass,acrylic,wood,pvc board,Metal etc.The materials of toys are usually plastic and metal.These materials can be directly colored and printed with a UV flatbed printer.

UV printer

  2.Toys are not flat

  Many toy surfaces are not flat.DacenUV toy printer is the source manufacturer,and it can hit 25mm height difference:

  This is a big test for uv flatbed printers.Most uv flatbed printers can only print materials with a height drop of less than 5mm.If this drop is exceeded,the printed pattern will appear scattered ink,and the pattern will be unclear and distorted.Dacenuv flatbed printer solves this problem.Through technological innovation,Dacenuv printer can print height drop to 25mm.In the entire toy production,it meets most of the needs.Therefore,Dacenuv flatbed printer is the exclusive favor of toy production industry.

  Two,UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dacen summary

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