UV flatbed printer LED lamp light curing

- Sep 05, 2017-

LED lamp light curing: refers to the UV ink or UV coating occurs a certain photochemical reaction in the effective irradiation of ultraviolet light, so that the solidification into a liquid, curing pattern, the process known as light curing.

There are three elements of light curing:

1. Spectrum, that is, the light emitted by UV lamp and other light source whether is consistent with absorption spectrum of the cured material.

2. Strength, that is, whether the light emitted by the light source is sufficient to cause the photochemical reaction of the cured material. Because of the different performance and dose of the Internal sensitizer of the cured material  (UV coating ink and glue), the translucency and sensibility of the main dose and the quality dose is also different, so requirements of the curing strength are different.

3. Curing speed, curing speed is too fast to complete the curing, and too slow will have a negative impact on the cured material. Such as pattern cracking, poor adhesion and so on. The curing speed varies depending on the cured material.


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