UV flatbed printer LED lamp curing

- Sep 08, 2017-

UV flatbed printer LED lamp, in the printing process, by emitting light, and reacting with the photosensitive curing agent which in the UV ink, So that the pattern is dry and solidified.

Principle: the lamp emits ultraviolet light, accompanied by high heat when emitting, on the one hand to stimulate the ultraviolet, on the other hand with the infrared emission, light wavelength concentrated in 365mm or so, The proportion of infrared light due to different quality lamp content is different, high content, the relative service life longer.

1, the spectrum, mainly refers to the LED tube UV wavelength, between 365mm -395mm.

2, the intensity of ultraviolet light: refers to the UV power of the unit length. Unit is W / CM, unit length power lower, the strength of the poor; the other is high.

3, full length and luminous length, full length refers to the length of the lamp at both ends, luminous length refers to the distance between the poles of the UV lamp, also known as pole distance.

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