Uv flatbed printer coating

- Sep 02, 2017-

Metal coating:
CP: metal, quick-drying ; spray requirements, the surface must be a little thick, otherwise easy to fall;
DY: metal, ceramic, drying slower than CP; apply to aluminum, copper, tinplate, aluminum alloy ,etc. And can also be used in tiles, tempered glass, need special treatment, there are both transparent and white can do light and matte effect. Mainly depends on the smooth level of the surface, such as ceramic is more smooth than glass, use DY coating.
Glass coating:
PL: for plexiglass, tempered glass, ceramics, tiles, crystal, need special treatment, there are also both transparent and white, can do light and matte effect. Require it can be resistant to cooking, it is usually accompany with white oil, adhesion is very important, white oil should not be too strong, or easy to dissolve the pattern, It is best to spray twice.


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