UV flatbed printer are used in the leather industry

- Oct 12, 2020-

UV flatbed printer are used in the leather industry

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  UV flatbed printer are used in the leather industry, mainly for: leather bags, leather shoes, belts, leather clothing, leather furniture, etc., with strong customization.

   One, UV flatbed printer are used in the leather industry


1. Dacen UV flatbed printing equipment solves customer needs, high precision, allows the pattern to have the finishing touch in the leather texture, and enhances the competitiveness of leather products. UV printer printing consumables are safe and environmentally friendly without worrying about pollution hazards. No need to worry about product fading and fading. Dacen UV printer equipment cooperates with many leather companies to win the trust of customers!

  2. Dacen specializes in the production and sales of high-quality UV flatbed printers to create truly high-quality UV equipment. Color painting + relief + varnish three-in-one function independent design. Suitable for all flat materials. The three core advantages of precision + color + stability, technical beauty, and high quality.


3. UV printer have high requirements for the pattern, texture, color and varnish of leather printing, and have high standards for the environmental protection of ink. No matter what the customer's demand standards, Dacen UV flatbed printers Whether in terms of color or environmental protection adhesion, it can meet and meet customer needs!

4. Leather bags, leather materials and other products not only have a wide market in the luxury goods field, but also in the general consumer field. With the improvement of people’s aesthetics for travel decorations, the personalized requirements are increasing, and personalized pattern leather bags are for consumers. The market is very attractive. Printing personalized patterns in finished leather bags is a seemingly simple technology that should not be underestimated.

   2. Summary of UV printer manufacturer Dacen

Leather bags, leather shoes, belts, leather clothes, leather furniture, etc., in short, leather products can be seen everywhere in our lives. For example, leather bags are items that we carry with us when we go out. With the progress of society, leather bags no longer serve as storage for personal belongings. It is our new clothing and accessories, and many people think that leather bags reflect the status of luxury products. With the rapid development of the domestic economy, people's pursuit of luxury leather bags has also set off a wave of enthusiasm. The above is the whole content of "UV flatbed printer applied to leather industry", I hope to help you.

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