Use of the UV flatbed printer

- Jun 06, 2017-

1, check the UV flat panel printer power supply is normal, that is, whether the power supply is connected;

2, UV flatbed printer ink is enough, the ink tank should be added to 8 points full;

3, check the UV flatbed printer ink pipeline is in a vacuum state, nozzle is smooth. If not, you can use the depth of cleaning for ink emptying;

4, the action of the ink is in place. Pay attention to check the parts well;

5, the platform is printed flat. If not flat, you can use the level of the instrument to adjust the bottom of the screw;

6, print the nozzle test. Lack of time, according to the severity of the situation for automatic cleaning and manual cleaning;

7, UV curing light is open after the journey. You can judge by judging the brightness of the light.

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