How to solve the UV printer printing pattern color light

- Aug 15, 2017-

When the printer is printing, if you find the color of the pattern is too shallow and dim, need to stop the equipment, re-adjust the setting parameters.



Cause one: Set the ink volume parameter

There will be 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% different ink output control, there are 0-200% feathering parameters setting in UV printer image control software. If you use 80% ink instead of 100% ink to print, will cause the printing pattern color lighter. Need to modify the parameters, increase parameters of inkjet.


Cause two: PASS mode settings

The color and accuracy of the printed pattern is different in different pass mode, in some small objects, use high pass to print, the pattern is clear and the line is fine; if it is large format printing, you can use the lower pass to print. This requires the technical staff based on the actual experience, the different materials use different pass to print.

Reason three: substrate

The transparency, gloss, smoothness and other characteristics of the substrate will affect the color of printing pattern, resulting in images get light. In addition, some materials have adsorption and dissolution impact on ink. The original 1 times ink need to be transferred to 2 times.


Reason four: ink

The brightness and color of the ink is one of the factors to make the color of printing pattern light. Ordinary UV ink have some matte features that can be replaced with new inks when printing some high-gloss patterns.

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