The scope of application of UV flatbed printers is expanded

- Jun 06, 2017-

At present, the working substrate of UV flatbed printer includes gold, silver, iron, aluminum, crystal, silica gel, wood, glass, fabric, stone, etc., in these materials. UV flatbed printer use across the building materials industry, fashion products industry, clothing industry, in the influence of the above than other printing equipment more obvious.

With the expansion of the scope of use, we found that UV flatbed printer can also be special metal surface, leather and other non-easy coloring of the substrate on the inkjet, and high precision, good color fastness, printing is completed, the pattern will not easily be Worn off.

As the UV flatbed printer table width is wide, so that the UV flatbed printer print substrate size range, large size of the substrate can also be a complete inkjet painting, to ensure the integrity of the screen.

The development of the industry brings convenience to our lives. The UV flatbed printer is the crystallization of the development of printing technology and makes a significant contribution to our living convenience.

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