The role of the UV printer grating

- Aug 18, 2017-

There is a long strip on the top of the belt of flatbed printer. It can be observed that the UV flatbed printer moving the word car in the printing process, according to the actual size of the output pattern graphics, when printing, move back and forth, then the print movement interval spacing is how to define? This is the role of the grating parts.


On the back side of the UV flatbed printer, there is a sensor installed. After the computer prints the print command, the moving word car moves out of the initial position, this is the role of the grating as a ruler. The raster bar sensor behind the moving word car will sense the scale on it, thus defining the correct print interval.

It can be inferred that if there is any stain or dust accumulation on the surface of the grating, the grating sensor can not sense the scale number on it, and it can not determine the measurement interval of the moving car. It is for this reason that causes the moving word car of the UV flatbed printer like a running wild horse, hit the left side wall of the printer's head, making a big sound.

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