The reasons for low speed printing of UV printers

- Dec 11, 2017-

The slow speed of the swing causes the printing at low speed. The transform of continuous ink supply system will also transform the original cartridge, which will inevitably cause the burden of the carriage. In the case of overload, the carriage moves slowly.Overload can also lead to accelerated aging of the UV flatbed printer belt and the friction between the two sides. All of these will cause the UV flatbed printer printing speed become slow. In serious cases, the carriage can not be reset, and then it can not be used.


1.Replace the motor: the friction between the continuous ink supply system and the wall of the UV printer causes the load of the electric motor to increase, and the electric motor is used for a long time cause much loss, try to replace it.
2.Lubricating connecting rod: used for long time, the friction between the machine and the connecting rod becomes larger, and the resistance increases,leading to the slow motion of the electric motor. In this case, this problem can be solved by the the lubrication of the connecting rod.
3.Belt aging:the friction force’s increase of the drive gear connected with the motor will accelerate the aging of the UV printer's belt, cleaning and lubrication can reduce the aging of the belt.

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