The process of phone case UV printer

- Aug 28, 2017-

Currently, phone case is more and more popular on the market, in fact, the pattern on the phone case is very easy to print, you can easily use the UV printer to complete, which is a small investment, high-return business projects. When we directly wholesale phone case from the manufacturers, the price of phone case is  0.8 RMB -2 RMB /piece, after using the UV printer to print picture on the phone case, the price can reach 10 RMB -30 RMB / piece, we can see the sufficient profits. Let us see the process of UV printer shared by DACEN.


The general operation is: computer plate - material handling - positioning proofing - batch output

1. computer plate. Use Photoshop or CorelDraw and other image processing software to produce or deal with images and text, and adjust the size; See to it that the pattern is clear.

2. Material handling. In general, the phone case need not special treatment, but hard shell, silicone soft shell and leather protective cover need print separately, they need different ink to print. More rigid plastic shells need to use hard ink to print, soft silicone case and leather case need to use soft ink to print.

3. Positioning proofing. Before mass production, you need to make a small batch production proofing, according to the final print effect to adjust the print position of the picture.

4. Batch output. According to the size of the phone case to make the mold, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid batch printing, after testing the proofing work, one person can complete mass production. Can be described as low cost and high return.

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