The process of ceramic UV printer

- Aug 22, 2017-

The biggest advantage of ceramic printer is that you do not need to make film version or artificial glaze, you can directly print pattern on the surface of ceramic. Ceramic printer is fully mechanized production, the pictures are downloaded directly from the network or made by ourselves.

The general process is as follows:

Spray coating on the surface of ceramic(due to the surface of ceramic is relatively smooth, in order to increase the adhesion of ink, you need to select the appropriate coating), and then select the desired picture on the computer, after a simple treatment can be used. (Pictures must be high-definition, otherwise it will affect the print effect) using the typography software to put the image, fixed the position of the ceramic on the printer, start the print button waiting for the print to see the final print results.


If you need to print 3d effect, there are two ways, one is the accumulation of white ink, and then use color ink. This way the 3d effect is not very obvious, there is a sense of matte, but no strong 3d effect. The second is the combination of engraving machine, firstly, engraving machine carve 3d effect, and then use the UV printer to print color.

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