The maintenance matters of UV flatbed printer LED lamp-ONE

- Sep 01, 2017-

LED curing lamp is a device of UV flatbed printer to cure UV ink, when the print head print ink on the surface of material, the ray emitted by the LED curing light reacts with photosensitive curing agent of ink to solidify the pattern.

Usually, there are 100-200 lamp beads inside a LED curing lamp (depending on the design), in the process of the daily use ,need to maintain the following aspects.


Matter one

Do not directly touch the surface of the lamp by hand, need to wear special gloves. Before installing the led solidification lamp, first use non-woven dipped in alcohol to wipe the surface of the lamp, remove the grease or perspiration of the surface, otherwise it will directly affect the efficiency of LED lighting and lamp life.

Matter two

When installing the lamp, be careful to avoid the lead wire is in touch with the metal on the lamp cap, should Install and connect to the bottom or side position to avoid short circuit caused by lead wire breakage because of high temperature.


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