The function of glass uv printer

- Dec 01, 2017-

The function of glass uv printer

1, can print pictures on any flat material. Such as: transparent glass, frosted glass, crystal, glass bottles, etc.

2, no plate, fast printing and low cost, available in a variety of output software.

3, color modulation directly with computer, without having to pay an extra fee.

4, one step to complete, print immediately remove immediately, to meet the demand for quick finished products.

5, Single-block printing, high-volume printing can be supporting the template printing, saving time and effort.

6, full-color images, once completed, progressive color to fully achieve the photo quality effects.

7, can quickly grasp, making good products, don’t need professional skills.

8. personality output mass production.

9, directly connected to the computer, product proofing, as long as put the design draft (pictures, photos) into the computer can be directly printed on any materials to complete the output. If mass-produced, you can fill the platform, and then print it.

10, ultra-low cost, no plate.

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