The factors that can best express the printing effect

- Oct 23, 2017-

The printing resolution, in it is referred to DPI in the printing equipment, as the most basic judgment of printer resolution index, for the DPI number, the accuracy of imported models are to be higher than domestic.Because most foreign manufacturers have paid attention to DPI improving, there is another factor that the jet printing technology comes from abroad , is accepted by Chinese market, further derived a Chinese UV printer market, so the technology is more weak than foreign,it is understandable, but in recent years the domestic UV flatbed printer equipment is in the process of catch up with imported UV printer. For customer,the biggest benefit is that they can enlarge a more wide market through the UV flatbed printer, with the help of UV ink does not fade, waterproof and other advantages,become more and more competitive in advertising industry, as well as high-quality personalized advertising light boxes, stickers, imitation picture ,for the market, has a great advantage to upgrade target customers.

uv flatbed printer.jpg

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