The after sales service is very important

- Dec 01, 2017-

As we all know, after sales service of products is very important,can not only effectively enhance brand awareness and the trust of customers, but also can collect data of devices, and help to improve the technology. How to protect our benefits after buying a printer?
Choosing a manufacturer is the key. Some manufacturers may use false terms to satisfy users' needs. After the user pay money, it didn't take long before the company closed. So when choosing the equipment, try to choose the modified plate printer as little as possible.
We should choose manufacturers that is near our place, if the manufacturers ignored our request, we can go to their factory to discuss.When it comes to details such as maintenance parts, time, cycle, door-to-door expenses, travel expenses, accommodation and so on, it must be clearly listed in the contract, so that the two parties can not meet agreement.


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